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Crew looking to help out on boats

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About Crewsfinder

Our mission is to connect boat owners with competent crew worldwide. From our own experience, we know how rewarding a sailing trip can be, when an owner, skipper, and crew are harmonious and depart happy to come back as friends for a lifetime. 

How it works
For Yacht Owners

Once logged in, post your listing in the respective section. Please make sure to let the interested crew know the following:


1. Boat Type (best to post a picture)

2. Period

3. Location from

4. Location to

5. Qualification required

6. Financial Arrangements

7. Travel Expenses covered or not 

For Yacht Crew

Once logged in, post your interest in the respective section. Please make sure you let interested boat owners know the following


1. Your qualification

2. Period available

3. Your hometown

4. Are you looking for paid work?

5. Does the boat owner need to cover potential travel expenses

For Crew
How it works
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